The first model buildings for Friar Mountain Museum were started in 1976. The scale for the buildings is 3/8” = 1 Foot. 

The Railroad Museum building was started in 2000 and occupied in 2003. It did take two more years to assemble and complete the display area which is 50 feet by 50 feet.

The Museum is divided into two sections. The Mountain is the center piece of the train section. This Mountain is twenty feet long, ten feet wide and ten feet high. There are eight trains and two trolley lines running on, through and around the Mountain. There is also a cable car, Ferris wheel, carousel, a twenty foot long wood trestle bridge, a twenty foot long concrete bridge, the A-frame mine bridge along with the iron trail mine, the bear canyon and the High Point Monument.

The cut off date for the train display items is July 1950.

We change trains five times a year.
St. Patrick’s Gold Leprechaun Train Running in March
Easter Chicks and Bunny Train Bringing Good News in April
Thomas and Friends Running in June
Halloween Ghost Train Running in October
Christmas Santa Claus Train Coming in December

The history section contains memorabilia on his Excellency George Washington, General Lafayette and the Jersey Blues. The Jersey Blues served with Colonel Washington during the French and Indian War, and with General Washington during the War of Independence.

General Lafayette, who declared “the United States is the most marvelous land on earth.” commanded the Jersey Blues at the battle of Monmouth. He also planned the strategy for the battle of Yorktown that enabled the American and French Armies to win the war.

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